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Welcome to Warblers: Meet Angela and Jim!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I would like to provide you with an introduction to our new managers who will be living onsite at C6 throughout the 2023 summer; Angela Price and Jim Tkaczyk. They have been managing another Michigan campground for the past 4 years together and are thrilled to join Warblers Cove as their new/old (read on) home.

As we work to continue to improve the Warblers Cove experience Angela and Jim are going to be our key team members responsible for the day-to-day experience of Warblers Cove campers.

“April 1st 2023 just can't come soon enough, it's going to be a really exciting year!” - Angela

Angela is particularly excited to bring additional life to the wonderful events hosted by our seasonal campers and work to build on the busy summer schedule for all. Stay tuned for an update to our seasonal calendar of events!

Jim grew up in the Lupton area with a family cabin nearby and was an original member of the Warblers Cove property when it was Three Lakes Ranch. We are excited to work with Jim to continue to improve the grounds and facilities and provide a better experience each year for those visiting the property.

- Joel Florek

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